Discover new possibilities of working with robot thanks to dedicated accessories

Expand your teaching workshop with Photon accessories. Accessories will help expand each class in a new, interactive, and creative way. Stimulate your students’ imaginations with personalization accessories, make the workspace more attractive with educational mats, or teach the secrets of computer programming with the Photon Magic Dongle!


Educational Mat

The mat consists of 24 square boxes that form a story map. The mat helps to visualize the workspace and allows students to operate the robot in various spatial orientations, including the coordinate system known from chess (e.g. A3, B2, D4) or using the directions of the world. By planning the Robot’s route, students shape analytical skills, practice directions, estimate distances, test the developed program in a real-life setting.

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Foam Mat

36 square puzzle-shaped boxes that teacher and students can join together however they like. By designing a route and planning the robot’s path, students develop planning and analytical skills, practice directions, estimate distances, and verify the program’s function in a real-life setting.

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Flashcards – Symbols Used in Our Application

The Symbols set from the Application contains symbols used in the Photon EDU application – they can be used for offline exercises with students, planning the robot’s route, or they can be placed on a mat to define what actions are to be performed on a given field.

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Flashcards – Alphabet and Numbers

The Alphabet and Numbers set allows you to learn letters, spelling rules, or introduce to mathematics (addition, subtraction, and even learning the multiplication table). — Thanks to the flashcards, the teacher does not have to prepare additional elements before the class!

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Photon Magic Dongle

A small device – a big game changer! Photon Magic Dongle allows you to connect the robot with a computer, thanks to which you can use an interactive board during classes with Photon, as well as explore the secrets of advanced programming. Just insert the adapter into your computer’s USB port and download the free Photon Magic Bridge program from our website.

After installing the program, the teacher will have access not only to the Photon EDU application but also to programs popular in education: Scratch and MakeCode, as well as JavaScript and Python programming languages.

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Magnetic Masks (Basic)

Give the robot a unique personality with a set of 6 magnetic masks. Inside of it, you will find 5 ready-made masks along with a white mask which your students can design however they like!

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Magnetic Masks DIY

Develop your students’ creativity by personalizing Photon masks and robots! The set includes 6 white masks that students can decorate freely.

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Stickers for personalization

Stickers give Photon a unique character, thanks to which students are able to establish a bond with it faster. Moreover, they also make it easier to distinguish robots when there are more robots in the class.

There are stickers from the series: Veteran, Nature, Aqua, Mechanical – individually or in a set.

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