Discover the world of dedicated Photon applications!

All applications are free, simple, and compatible with most devices available in educational institutions.

You can use them on both Android and iOS mobile devices, as well as computers with Windows, macOS and Chrome OS.

Applications for mobile devices

Dedicated to teachers – Photon EDU

With its help, you can control the robot’s operation during interdisciplinary classes, as well as to conduct lessons in the basics of programming. You will also find ready-made programs that you can start with one click as well as aids and materials useful for conducting classes, incl. lesson scenarios or a quick start guide ‘how to work with a robot’. Importantly, the application allows educators and students to set up and use separate accounts. Only the educational version of robots can be connected to the application.

Detailed information about the Photon EDU application can be found in the Teacher’s Guide.

Dedicated to individual learning – Photon Robot

This application was created in such a way that the students could learn how to operate and program the robot themselves. You can successfully use it, for example, in a common room or during individual work of students. In the application you will find over 200 creative challenges set in a fable story. Students will learn about the story of Photon who has landed on Earth, and discover what the world looks like.

Coding without limits – Photon Coding

In the Photon Coding app, all functionalities are available from the very beginning. Children who have undergone the Photon Robot application or simply do not want to use it because they know the basics of programming, can use the Photon Coding application to develop their passion and program the robot in any way. The application is recommended for home users.

Application for computers

All applications in one place – Photon Magic Bridge

Use the special Photon Magic Dongle adapter to connect the Photon robot to a computer with Windows, macOS and Chrome OS. This program includes all the previously discussed applications. It also allows you to further develop your programming skills using Scratch, MakeCode, JavaScript and Python. You can connect up to 8 robots to one computer and program them simultaneously! What’s more, Photon Magic Bridge allows you to use a monitor or interactive whiteboard to control the robot’s operation.

Dedicated applications for Teaching Kits

Photon AI Discovery

The Photon AI application is divided into two educational paths, each of which offers a slightly different timetable and selection of exercises. Within the chosen path, there are 10 lessons, each one relating to their respective scenarios. In each lesson, there are three types of modules – “Knowledge”, “Learning” and “Experiment”, which allow students to introduce themselves to the world of artificial intelligence. You can use the application with any Android or iOS mobile devices.

Photon Robotics & Coding

The application allows the integration of the Photon robot and the micro: bit board, creating a common programming environment that allows you to conveniently create programs for both devices. It includes lesson plans with scripts and sample project solutions, as well as additional materials for students introducing the topic of classes. The application has two types of accounts – Teacher and Student, thanks to which only the educator receives access to lesson scenarios and solutions. You can activate accounts on any number of devices by entering the appropriate codes attached to your set. You can use the application on computers with Windows, macOS and Chrome OS using Photon Magic Bridge.

Photon Physics

Dedicated to physics teachers, the app makes teaching using robots and the included lesson plans very easy. It doesn’t require knowledge of the fundamentals of robot programming – it has been designed so that any teacher will be able to carry out all the experiments “with one click”. You can use the application on computers with Windows, macOS and Chrome OS using Photon Magic Bridge. You will find the activation code for the application inside the Physics Teaching Kit.