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Cleaning and disinfection of the Photon Robot

Viruses, germs, bacteria. There’s been a lot of talk about them in the last few months. While conducting classes with the Photon Robot, you still need to adhere to basic personal hygiene rules – wear a mask, wash your hands, and keep the distance. It’s worth adding one more element here – use a clean and disinfected robot!

How do you clean and disinfect the robot? Read our short guide!

  1. Get a suitable disinfectant. The Photon Robot is made of polycarbonate, and its ears are made of silicone. So, you can use a standard window cleaner or even water with dishwashing soap. You can use disposable disinfectant wipes too. Wear gloves if your skin gets irritated by cleaning agents.
    Remember not to use any corrosive or solvent-based cleaning agents.
  2. Get a soft sponge or a paper towel / microfiber cloth. Squeeze out excess water firmly, so no liquid gets inside the robot. Avoid scrubbing and scratching the robot’s external surfaces.
  3. Thoroughly clean the robot. Be particularly careful when cleaning the robot’s undercarriage – that’s where sensors and the USB port are located. As these are electronic components, make sure no liquid gets into them. Remember. Your robot is not waterproof! Do not immerse it in water or cleaning agent.
  4. If there is dirt in the wheel, pull it out with tweezers or thin pliers.
  5. To remove stains, stubborn marks, e.g., permanent marker or glue, use isopropyl alcohol (often called ‘rubbing alcohol’).
  6. Use the same agents to clean the charging cable.
  7. Let the robot dry entirely before you charge it again.
  8. Use a clean cloth or paper towel to wipe dry cleaned surfaces on the robot. Take off your gloves, if you used them, and throw them away. You have just completed the cleaning and disinfection of your robot!

Clean the Photon Robot regularly to show the children that taking care of your little friend is necessary but can be fun too. Try to make this process a routine. Wiping the robot with disinfectant after each use is a good habit.