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Education of the future – we are ready for it

The rapid changes taking place in education require agility and constant attention from educational solutions manufacturers. Photon™ wants to be a part of these changes and is not going to rest. Based on the objectives of the Education 4.0 initiative presented in the report “Schools of the Future) published in January 2020 by the World Economic Forum, we have decided to implement a strategy focused on providing the appropriate tools and materials as well as practical support necessary for teaching key competencies of the future. The description of the fourth industrial revolution in the report made it clear that adaptation to the changing education system is a necessity. By achieving objectives of our newly implemented strategy we would like to support the world of education, so the next generations could easily find themselves in the new reality that awaits them.

“Our mission is to support present-day educators – teachers, trainers, therapists and informed parents – by providing innovative products that are far ahead of the current standards. By developing new teaching methods and standards, we aim to inspire changes in teaching to adapt it to the needs of our rapidly changing world.” Every day since our adoption of the new mission, we do our best to implement it and act on its message.

With co-creation of educational systems in mind, systems that could meet the future needs of children, we have taken relevant actions aimed at both professional and home educators, such as parents and guardians.

 New tools to support teaching

Photon™ the robot is the world’s first robot that develops with a child. What does that mean? Our software has been adapted to the age and skills of the users, so the robot can support the child for many years to come and be used at different stages of education. The robot is a teaching aid which helps children discover new technologies in a friendly way and to learn the basics of programming.

The concept of the school of the future has inspired us to develop new products and services. Our robots are no longer used only during programming lessons but have found a wider application in many other areas. The review of teaching methods and the observed pace of changes resulting from the implementation of new technologies in our digital era lead us to the creation of dedicated teaching kits for use in classrooms and by therapists.



Photon™ Classroom Science Kit is an innovative approach to the physics classes. The Classroom Science Kit has been developed with the support of the Orange Foundation and a group of specialists and is a dedicated classroom aid for physics classes in secondary education. It includes a set of original lesson plans and accessories necessary to carry out experiments, as well as a dedicated application. Using Photon™ during classes helps to combine theory with practice. Students learn the basic principles of physics through practical tests and experiments carried out interestingly and uniquely. Students learn how to work efficiently in a group where the individually assigned tasks play an important role in the success of the whole team.

Photon™ Ecology Teaching Kit was developed in cooperation with experts and research methodologists behind the #SuperCoders initiative lead by the Orange Foundation. It is a creative approach to shaping pro-ecological attitudes in children, teaching ecology and basics of environmental protection. Our kit may be used by teachers of different subjects at various stages of education. Our lesson plans are based on the content of the national curriculum and focus on several objectives, such as teaching children to care and respect for the natural environment, broadening knowledge about the principles of sustainable development, promoting pro-environmental behaviors and developing interest in ecology.

Photon™ Special Educational Needs Kit is the first kit of its kind in the world where a robot is used for mental stimulation as a therapy tool by teachers and therapists working with special educational needs children (SEN). We designed our kit to facilitate work with children affected by the autism spectrum disorder and emotional and social disorders. Dedicated exercises developed in cooperation with professionals in the field aim to stimulate a process of lifelong learning of competences, independent planning and performing various tasks. By providing such tools as the Photon™ robot we develop in children social competences and teach self-motivation to function in adult life.

Photon™ acts at schools as a technological teaching assistant and allows educators to expand their workshop and working methods. The use of our solutions at work allows educators to acquire new qualifications and skills adapted to the requirements of the Education 4.0 initiative. The directions for change presented in the OECD reports include the promotion of innovative solutions in education and the development of the STREAM (Science, Technology, Robotics, Engineering and Math) education concept. The changes also concern soft skill competencies such as teamwork, interpersonal communication and even developing emotional empathy. It is important to equip students with the digital skills necessary for the fourth industrial revolution. Educational models must be adapted to equip children with an ability to create a more cohesive and productive world. Engaging our robots in teaching processes develops most of the competencies necessary for the future of our children, which are crucial not only in their professional but also in social life. The Photon™ robot is an interdisciplinary teaching aid that helps to develop the competencies of the future not only in programming and using new technologies. With our solutions, educators and students are also equipped with tools to develop soft skills.

Learning does not only take place at school

Events related to this year’s pandemic have made a huge impact on the world of education. The resulting situation proves to be an enormous challenge for the whole educational system and companies providing educational solutions. Teaching has now moved online and everyone tries to make learning at home as effective as classes at school. This is not only a difficult time for teachers and students but also a difficult task for parents who have to ensure a proper learning environment for kids staying at home. Photon™ supports professional educators but does not forget about home educators either. We have engaged our entire team to create solutions that will allow for the development of the previously mentioned competences of the future and make it possible to achieve them through home education. As a result and in cooperation with an expert and a very experienced programmer – Maciej Korsan we have prepared a “Certified Programming Course”. The course is aimed at children aged 7-12 years and focuses on the principles of the robot operation, basic programming instructions and concepts. Under the supervision of a trainer, children learn the advanced capabilities of the Photon™ robot.



Photon™ the icon of modern education

We implement innovative solutions in all aspects of our business, and not only in our products and solutions for education. One of our latest undertakings was re-branding of the Photon™ brand. We also adopted a new company strategy based on the objectives of Education 4.0, came up with a refreshed logo to adapt to the current marketing trends and made a clear separation of products aimed at professional and home educators – and this is just a selection of our recent changes. In June we have launched the new Photon™ on-line store, providing existing users and new clients with easier access to our products. In a way, we also wanted to better showcase our solutions and describe them in more detail – and we hope we have succeeded. Apart from visual style changes, our goal was to get closer to our clients and provide them with the highest level of customer service. Our Customer Service department provides professional advice before purchase and efficient after-sales service.

In an effort to make ourselves more approachable to the users we have launched an educational platform and Facebook group “Edukacja z prędkością Photona” (EN: Education at a Photon Speed).    This way we also maintain a dedicated space inspiring modern educators and a place where we encourage them to learn and develop their passions.


A local company with a global reach

Photon™ Entertainment is a tiny company that was born in the minds of a group of enthusiastic students. The initial project to create an educational robot turned into a large scale undertaking as soon as it became apparent that the existing education system lacks solutions we were about to bring to life. Our success in the Polish market opened the door to the world. The realization of the goals we set for ourselves would not be possible without the support and involvement of the whole team. Our team is made up of people full of passion and commitment. Thanks to them, here at Photon, we can achieve our objectives and bring ambitious ideas to life. 

The dynamic development of the company requires more resources, therefore, several new members have joined our team. This year, we have started afresh our education department and filled newly opened positions with experienced methodologists and professionals in the field of modern education. We welcomed in our ranks Oktawia Gorzeńska, an expert in innovation and leadership, a committed member of global networks of innovators and a creator of the first Microsoft Flagship School in Poland. Iwona Kolosek joined us to help her with listening to the needs of educators. During her time at the FRSI (Information Society Development Foundation, Warsaw, PL) she worked on projects focusing on the development of digital competencies in local communities and coordinated activities of TechClubs and Local Coding Clubs. The most recent addition to our educational team, Paulina Ołtusek, is also a manager of educational initiatives in the Central House of Technology (CDT in Warsaw, PL), a coordinator of projects supporting the development of digital competences in children, and a member of many groups such as Geek Girls Carrots in Poland and the Modern Poland Foundation. The expertise of our hires and their talent to inspire others helps us to support teachers in their efforts to build a higher quality education system.

We have also made our marketing department stronger by hiring Jakub Oleksy. As a Head of Marketing & Customer Service Jakub is responsible for improving communication and technical support and is the main driving force behind our new company strategy. Having in mind the goal to efficiently implement the new strategy we have also decided to strengthen our marketing department with Dawid Szypulski – a talented and experienced content creator. As a result, our social media and communication channels are now handled by Ewelina Dziemiańczuk. The most recent addition to our Photon team is a new Head of International Business Development – this role has now been filled with Małgorzata Celarek.

The rapid changes taking place on the educational scene allowed us to implement our development plans at an accelerated pace. The newly adopted strategy is a huge chance for us to begin a new chapter in the history of our company and to pursue new and clear goals. Photon™ is no longer just a manufacturer of an interdisciplinary robot. Photon™ is now an educational brand that provides modern solutions necessary to meet the needs of developing education. We support modern educators by providing them with teaching aids, equipment, knowledge and a range of services that improve their daily work. We strongly believe in the modern education system and want to be an integral part of it. Now, our greatest dream is to establish our presence in schools and educational institutions all around the world.