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Educational Mat




Dedicated educational mat designed with help of an educational specialists. It makes lessons with Photon more attractive and advanced by creating virtual space connected to Photon apps.


Overall size of mat: 190 x 130 cm [75 x 51 inch]


Mat helps you to explore additional areas of knowledge:

  • operating in a various spatial orientation (described below)
  • distance estimation
  • analysis, planning and verification of tracks


Thanks to unique design of a mat you can use it in a various different ways:

  • as a play board where mat is divided into a chessboard (2 fields straight, 3 to the right),
  • in the coordinate system well known from the chees (e.g. field A3, B2, D4)
  • in the north-south east-west orientation
  • using mat’s fields marked with different shapes (triangles, circles, starts)
  • using mat’s fields marked with different elements (well, bridge, forest)


Mat applications:

  • making studying and fun more interesting
  • using mat both at school and preschool
  • using mat at workshops with Photon robots

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