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Everything you need to help your child, take his first
steps in a modern, technology-filled world.

Photon. Robot of young discoverers

Photon is the most modern educational robot on the market introducing children to the world of newest technologies. It was created for children at all ages offering various tools for each stage of education, children's perception and their capabilities. Photon teaches basics of coding, creative problem-solving and above all it enhances logical thinking. All of the above in a very attractive form - through challenges!

Photon grows with your child

Photon is the first interactive robot in the world that grows with your child. Its capabilities are strictly related to children's development. When we take the robot of out the box it cannot do anything. Children become mentors and their job is to help Photon learn everything for a scratch - how to move, colours, how to interact with the environment using Photon's sensors.

Coding has become so easy!

Photon is created for individual work at home. All applications were developed in a way not to require adult's help. Tasks and experiments in the application are based on a story-line. User's task is to complete the following challenges. At the same time teaching basics of coding.

Learn Photon's technology

Robot was made out of best quality components. Photon's construction is 100% safe for children. No cables sticking out of the device, replaceable batteries or direct access to electronics. Photon has all the required safety certificates and works even in the most difficult conditions.

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What would you like to know about Photon?

Release the natural creativity of your child! Let them discover passion for new technologies.

What does it mean that Photon develops with a child?

It means that robot’s capabilities are fully aligned with child’s skills. After taking it out of the box, a robot has no developed features. Step by step children discover how to operate the robot, use its sensors, create more advanced programs etc.

My child has never programmed before, will it manage Photon?

When we created this project, we thought about girls and boys who have no coding experience. That is why we consulted our ideas with psychologists and educators. We also checked how children in the 6-12 age group manage with Photon programming. We met with them in schools and at different events, we watched them discover the possibilities of Photon. For most of them, the meeting with Photon was the first programming experience. They did really well.

What is included in the kit?

In a box, you will find a Photon robot, a micro USB cable, a user’s manual, a warranty card, a safety instruction and customisation stickers. The Photon applications are free of charge and can be downloaded from Google Play and AppStore.