Photon EdTech Experts (PETE)

Take a moment and think.

Think of all the skills and knowledge students have to master in order to thrive in a world driven by ever-changing technologies. Quite a list, right?

Fortunately, educators can and do shape the world – and that is hardly an exaggeration.

If you would like to join the group of tech-focused educators, please consider the Photon EdTech Experts (PETE). It comprises teachers who love creating educational assets, doing workshops and trying new, exciting products.

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PETE members are:

Teachers and educators who work with children and teenagers, looking for ways to make their lessons more engaging.

People who would like to try new educational solutions.

Those who create high-quality teaching assets.

All of the educational decision-makers and influencers who know all about the system.

PETE members do:

  • talk about Photon products on social media, blogs, and wherever it’s appropriate,
  • test our educational solutions locally, collecting feedback and recommendations,
  • create and adapt educational assets to comply with country-specific requirements,
  • co-host and help with organizing workshops and webinars for other educators,
  • actively participate in conferences as a speaker, workshop leader, or brand ambassador.
Dzieci w trakcie lekcji

What’s in it for you:

  1. Become one of the educational leaders responsible for developing modern education in Italy.
  2. Build your brand and renown in education.
  3. Free access to the most up-to-date Photon educational tools, including our teaching kits, robots, and accessories.
  4. Taking part in internal workshops for experts, and global meet-ups for educators.
  5. Early access to various news, brand-specific knowledge, and beta-phase products.
  6. Substantial influence on the development and creation of Photon products.
  7. A set of branded gadgets and takeaways to use at educational events.
  8. Representing Photon where you can.
  9. Eventually, a possibility to work on commercial projects.

If you’re reading this, it means that you have an eye for a good, professional opportunity.
And that is why you should contact us at [email protected].

Just remember to write a summary of yourself. Tell us about where you teach (town, school), what you teach and what’s the age of your student groups. Also, don’t forget to mention what motivates you during your daily work and why you would want to join the group of Photon EdTech Experts Italia.

Finally, if you do have any questions concerning this initiative, feel free to ask!