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How does Photon Magic Bridge work?

Photon Magic Bridge is a PC app that introduces you to all dedicated Photon apps and to a whole new list of popular tools like Scratch, MakeCode, Javascript and Python.

To connect Photon robots to computers, Photon Magic Dongle is required.

Connect Magic Dongle to computer

Connect to Photon Robots

Launch prefered dedicated app

Photon Magic Bridge gives you a set of comprehensive didactic tools and a bunch of possibilities for how you want to conduct your classes.


Connect to the interactive whiteboard to present easily to whole class

Use the dedicated apps for Educators: Photon AI, Photon Robotics & Coding, Photon Physics or Photon EDU

Introduce the most popular coding tools: Scratch, MakeCode, JavaScript, Python and more

Connect to up to 8 robots at the same time

Download Magic Bridge App

Magic Bridge App is available for Windows, macOS and ChromeOS.

> Download Magic Bridge App