Social-Emotional Learning Kit


Their future is our future

We believe it is our duty to make sure that children grow to be happy and perfectly functioning adults. With the SEL Kit, students will learn how to deal with difficult situations, function better in family, school, and society as a whole. They are also going to learn how to deal with aggression, stress, and negative emotions and understand the importance of teamwork, self-discipline, and mutual respect.

What does a typical lesson look like?

The kit focuses on working with children aged 6-11. The box contains a robot, accessories and a set of 50 lesson scenarios. Each activity described in the scenarios can be easily adapted and used many times with the same group of students. The accessories, such as educational mats, make the activities more exciting, while the colourful drawings stimulate students’ imaginations. The kit also includes an educational cube, name sticks and five sets of flashcards. Fully structured activities, full of stimulation and colour, keep children fully engaged and enthusiastic in the classroom.

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Practical activities that help develop emotional and social skills

The kit contains 50 lesson scenarios with activities developed by a team of world-leading experts. They are presented in a standardized yet flexible format so that teachers are free to adapt them to suit their needs and classes. Each activity described in the scenarios can be easily adapted and used several times with the same group of students. In this way, teachers can incorporate them into their daily routines or make them the subject of a separate lesson. The activities can easily be adapted to events or celebrations currently taking place in the community.

All activities in the Kit are based on the leading

Social-Emotional Learning methodology developed by CASEL (Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning).



Social and Relationship Skills

Social Awareness

Decision-making Skills

The methodology helps students develop skills to manage emotions, thoughts, and behaviors in challenging situations, set goals, manage stress, and improve communication and problem-solving skills. It also aims to teach empathy and understanding of different perspectives and to show respect, concern, and compassion for others, including those who are weak, sick, or have disabilities.


Sample activity: Emotions As Weather

The children sit in a circle. The teacher starts the game by placing flash cards representing different emotions on the activity mat. Then the teacher asks each child to indicate which flashcard best reflects their mood today. In response, the children direct the robot to the square representing the emotion of their choice. When the robot reaches the desired destination, each child selects the color of the robot’s ears and eyes and a sound to represent their mood. They then describe how they feel.

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All a teacher needs in one box

  • Photon Robot for Education
  • User guide
  • Set of 50 Activities
  • Educational Mat (plain grid)
  • Educational Mat (storytelling)
  • Flashcards (5 sets)
    • Symbols Used in Our Application (24 pcs.)
    • Emotions and Characters (25 pcs.)
    • Objects and Places (25 pcs.)
    • Alphabet and Numbers (24 pcs.)
    • Situations, Attitudes, & Stress Management (18 pcs.)
  • Educational Cube
  • Name sticks

Photon EDU – our dedicated app

The kit includes a dedicated Photon EDU app to facilitate the work of teachers. It allows teachers and children to control the robot and has several interfaces tailored to the age and skills of students.

  • photon-edu-app
  • photon-edu-app
  • ready-made-activities-in-photon-edu-app
  • photon-edu-app

The Photon EDU app main features:

• Access to ready-made programs that teachers can adapt to the group’s needs in a few simple steps; for example, the robot can divide students into groups or indicate a participant for your next exercise.

• Several programming interfaces allow you to work with older and younger preschoolers. You can also adapt the difficulty level of each exercise to the children’s abilities.

• Two account types – Educator and Student. Your account gives you access to all the app’s features, while the simplified Student’s account allows controlling the robot’s actions.

• Access to additional lesson scenarios and the Photon Robot Textbook.

Where to download the app?

Mobile devices

The Photon EDU app can be downloaded from the application store available on your devices, such as Google Play, App Store, Huawei AppGallery, or
Amazon Appstore.


The Photon EDU app is an integral part of the dedicated teachers’ app for computers, Photon Magic Bridge. You gain access to all the Photon learning tools by downloading it – everything is in one place on your computer. To download the Photon Magic Bridge program, click here.

Ekspertki merytoryczne

Renata Idzik

Nauczyciel wychowania przedszkolnego, oligofrenopedagog i terapeuta pedagogiczny zafascynowana nowoczesnymi technologiami i ich wykorzystaniem w wychowaniu przedszkolnym. Renata to także trener, doradca, autorka programów szkoleniowych i szkoleniowiec w wielu projektach, w tym tych ogólnopolskich jak na przykład “Szkoła dla innowatora”. Wspomaga placówki edukacyjne w zakresie kształtowania kompetencji kluczowych.

Agnieszka Setnikowska

Pedagog specjalny i nauczycielka wychowania przedszkolnego. Pracuje w Centrum Rehabilitacji dla Dzieci w Opolu, gdzie wdraża nowe technologie w pracy z dziećmi z różnymi niepełnosprawnościami. Posiada wieloletnie doświadczenie w pracy z dziećmi ze specjalnymi potrzebami edukacyjnymi zarówno na poziomie przedszkola, jak i szkoły podstawowej.

Małgorzata Rabenda

Nauczycielka matematyki i informatyki, terapeutka pedagogiczna. Trenerka z pasją do coachingu. Miłośniczka nowych technologii, programowania i robotyki oraz turkusowych organizacji. Inicjatorka wielu innowacji pedagogicznych, autorka artykułów i materiałów edukacyjnych. Ekspertka merytoryczna w projektach i Lekcja Enter. Trenerka w wielu ogólnopolskich projektach edukacyjnych z zakresu wdrażania TIK, kształtowania kompetencji kluczowych oraz przywództwa.


Photon Moduł Edukacja Społeczno-Emocjonalna

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Produkt dostępny wyłącznie w dystrybucji edukacyjnej na