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Photon can be programmed

4 graphical interfaces

Photon Draw
(age 5+)

Programming by drawing

Photon Badge
(age 6+)

Programming by creating a sequence of symbols

Photon Blocks
(age 7+)

Programming by connecting configurable blocks

Photon Code
(age 10+)

Sequence creation simmilar to programming in complicated programming languages

Learn about Photon's mobile apps

Photon Magic Bridge

Dedicated for educational institutions

Photon Magic Bridge is an app that together with Photon Magic Dongle allows you to connect to computers & up to 8 robots at the time! It also introduces you to whole new list of commercial apps like Scratch and MakeCode.

Learn more:

Photon Robot

Dedicated for invidual clients

200 challenges for children

The 10-chapter role-playing application provides children with many weeks of great and developing fun. In each chapter, children will take part in Photon’s adventures, face challenges related to the basics of programming, discover the capabilities of the robot and, as a result, help him gain new skills.

Thanks to the use of the role-playing game, all knowledge is passed on to the children in a subconscious way, smuggled inside the story of the robot.

The robot develops with the child

This means that his skills are closely related to what the child has learned. Straight from the box, Photon can do nothing. Children help him learn everything from scratch – directions, colors, and interactions with the environment.

At the same time, children learn how technologies work and make their first steps in the programming world.

Photon teaches programming step by step

24 months of research and testing with a group of over 3,000 children, led to an intuitive application interface being developed and 4 innovative robot programming methods. Each of them is ideally suited to the diverse manual and perceptual skills of children aged 5-12. 

Download for free at:


Photon Coding

Dedicated for both, educational institutions and invidual clients

In the Photon Coding application we do not have any restrictions, no tutorials, everything is unlocked from the very beginning.

Children who have passed the Photon Robot application or simply do not want to go through it step by step because they know the basics of programming, can use the Photon Coding application to develop their passion.

Download for free at:


Photon EDU

Dedicated for educational institutions

The Photon EDU application is available only in the distribution offer on the education market. Robot in the “home” version purchased through consumer market channels (including in stationary stores) will not connect with the Photon EDU application.

Download free at:


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Robot Photon


Everything you need to help your child, take his first steps in a modern, technology-filled world.