Empowering educators
to shape the future
of humankind

Empowering teachers
in educating
future-ready children

Combining STEAM with Social-Emotional Learning

Here at Photon, we understand that children deserve a better future. We aim to employ modern technologies in education to give an equal start to all children. Applying the latest technology in education is not just the best way to prepare for the future but the only way to do it. To succeed, children should develop interdisciplinary skills by combining STEAM with social-emotional competencies.

Discover Our Educational Solutions

Discover Our Educational Solutions

How do we develop our solutions?

To create our products and solutions, we cooperate with actual teachers, active methodologists and experienced professionals. We review and consult our resources with external experts in Europe and USA. This approach allows us to spot any issues early and adapt these materials to the needs of teachers and children at different levels and age groups. Finally, we test our educational kits with educators and children in real life scenarios – in kindergartens and schools. The entire process is subject to strict quality control and EU norms.

Partners in Education

We work with the world leaders of modern education:

Photon Robots are all over the world

Photon Education has been established in 2017.

Since then, we have developed and delivered several award-winning products and solutions. Our products are currently used by more than

6000 institutions and over 300,000 students on 6 different continents.

The entire production takes place in Europe, all products are CE-certified.

Our portfolio already contains educational resources in many languages.

Teaching resources appreciated by Finnish experts

Our products have received the prestigious Education Alliance Finland certificate, obtaining one of the highest ratings among all evaluated educational solutions.

Education Alliance Finland (EAF) is the world’s leading certification organization evaluating teaching solutions. Its mission is to promote the most innovative and efficient products and services for teachers and educational institutions.

EAF experts conduct detailed evaluations and examine each product’s strengths and key areas of development in three categories: learning objectives, pedagogical approaches, and usability.

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