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Develop advanced programming skills

The module will support computer science teachers, teaching in grades 7-8 in elementary and secondary schools. Combining Photon with a micro:bit microcontroller will open up a vast array of new and advanced possibilities for students. It will help themacquire skills that they will later finduseful when entering the job market, where flexibilityand opennessto new programming languages and hardware solutions are required.

What does a typical lesson look like?

Students can work in pairs or groups, depending on the number of stations available. Students can exchange available hardware for program testing. The kit allows for the creation of custom programs in Python and JavaScript. The combination of robot and microcontroller technology allows wireless and serial communication between devices.No device connection is needed for the application to run.

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Practical teaching aids

The kit includes as many as 16 projects for classes – each of them provides a unique project that enables students to create a new device, as well as acquire valuable knowledge about the use of similar technologies in everyday life. The materials are available in PDF format can be easily printed at any time. You can find all the materials in the Photon Magic Bridge app after logging in to the appropriate account.

Ready-made lesson plans (16) that are fully compatible with the core curriculum and can be easily implemented in the classroom.

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Educational materials: list of the projects included in the kit

# Project title Project description
1 Hello World Your first Photon robot program
2 Micro:bit – technology miniaturization Your firstmicro:bit program
3 Together we can achieve more! Photon and the micro:bit interface
4 Obstacle detection Motion sensor based on the robot’s data transmission
5 Weather station Weather station (monitor changes in temperature and signal them by changing Robot’s ears color)
6 Photon Robot on a leash Manipulator / Remote control for the Photon Robot
7 Dimmer Light intensity controller (dimmer)
8 Remote commands The Photon robot wireless remote controller (using two micro:bits)
9 Welcome home (an Internet of Things element) Multi-resident home activity recognition (using two micro:bits)
10 Magnetic field Designing a device that sets the Photon Robot in motion after detecting a strong magnetic field deflection.
11 Backup light Build a self-driving vehicle with a parking sensor (use hazard warnings of your choice)
12 Tea time A countdown timer for tea brewing (with audiovisual cues)
13 Multi-sensor alarm An alarm system using various sensors and Kit components
14 Music score A prototype that allows to read black symbols off white surfaces and transcribing them into audio signals
15 RGB Lights Color changing controller for the Photon Robot (based on readings from the built-in accelerometer)
16 Come over to the whiteboard Programming Photon robots in order to make them produce specific sounds in response to different items on the list, all while using interactive whiteboards or projectors.

Example project: Weather station

  • The Micro:bit transmits temperature information to the Photon via the serial port at a specified frequency (e.g., every 10 or 30 seconds).
  • Micro: bit remembers the highest and lowest temperature encountered (in two separate variables).
  • When the micro:bit logo is pressed, the current temperature is sent via the serial port and is also briefly displayed on the device screen.
  • When the A button is pressed, the lowest temperature encountered is sent via the serial port, which is also briefly displayed on the device screen.
  • When the B button is pressed, the highest temperature encountered is sent via the serial port, which is also briefly displayed on the device screen.

Example project: Multi-sensor alarm

  • Micro:bit detects if an electrical circuit is closed.
  • When an electrical circuit closure is detected, the Micro:bit sends information to the other Micro:bit.
  • Having received the message, the second Micro:bit sends a signal through its serial port to change the Photon’s light to red.

All a teacher needs in one box

  • Photon Robot (2 pcs.)
  • Photon Magic Dongle (2 pcs.)
  • BBC micro:bit v2 (2pcs.)
  • 2x USB A – microUSB cables (short)
  • 2x USB A – microUSB cables (long)
  • 1x microUSB – microUSB OTG cable (short)
  • 1x microUSB – microUSB OTG cable (long)
  • 2x micro:bit mount (attachable to the robot)
  • 2x AAA battery box + batteries
  • 2x Neodymium magnet

Dedicated app

One of the parts of the kit is the dedicated app, which makes teaching easy for teachers and allows them to program the Photon robot and Micro:bit microcontroller simultaneously in a single window!

Two types of accounts – Teacher and Student.

You can activate them on as many computers as you like by entering the correct codes included in your kit.

– A tool that integrates the Photon robot and the micro:bit board. This common programming environment enables convenient program development for both devices.

– Additional materials in one place (including an introduction to the class topic, animations, wiring diagrams, project objectives); to be used also by you during the introduction to the topic.

– Lesson plans with scripts containing example project solutions.

Communication between devices

The kit provides a high degree of flexibility in teaching and freedom to create unique projects. Micro:bits and robots can be used separately, as well as integrated together. Depending on your needs, the micro:bit interface can be powered by an external battery or directly through a socket in the robot. The micro:bit and the robot can communicate through a serial port (a cable).

Where to download the app?

The Photon and micro:bit programming tool is part of the Photon Magic Bridge application. To launch them, download the app on your computer, then in the ”Robotics” section, activate access by entering the code included in the kit.

Subject-matter expert

Tomasz Mikołajczyk

Computer Science teacher, IT blogger (Mr. IT), advocate of using new technologies in education. Publicist (TIK w edukacji, Komputer Świat, Dyrektor szkoły)) and speaker at many specialized conferences. Member of the Superbelfrzy RP community. A Certified Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert and a certified IT expert (Microsoft Technology Associate, Microsoft Office Specialist, ISTQB Certified Tester, EITCA e-Government, EPP e-Teacher). He conducts educational classes as part of a nationwide project Center for IT Mastery in cooperation with the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow. Outside of school, an information security management system auditor in administration, IT trainer, and QA Manager.


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