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The Special Education Needs Kit is the world’s first teaching kit focusing on children with Autism Spectrum Disorder as well as emotional and social disorders. The Kit authors are teachers and therapists who work with special educational needs children daily and are passionate about technology. Photon plays the role of a student’s companion, a guide in the confusing world of social norms and everyday challenges. The robot can surprise, entertain, and motivate students to perform their best.

What does a typical lesson look like?

The resources in the kit enable teachers to conduct group and individual lessons. The activity plans included in the kit will help you to play with the children or create individual lesson plans. All activities are divided into different developmental areas that teachers can adapt to the needs of each child. The lesson scenarios can be used in the suggested order or independently. The kit includes a robot, scenarios for 50 activities, and accessories. The robot is easy and intuitive to use and requires no technical or programming skills.

Activities supporting development

The kit contains 50 lesson scenarios that include:

  • 30 activities for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder grouped into three areas: communication, cognitive, social.
  • 20 activities for improving social-emotional skills

The suggestions in the kit are applicable for individual and group work. The activity plans included in the kit will help you to play with the children or create individual lesson plans.

The activities are divided into several areas of development, and therapists can carry them out in the suggested order or independently, depending on the needs of each student.

The kit is aimed at children in kindergarten and primary school. Teachers and therapists are free to adapt suggested activities to meet the needs of a particular child, focusing on developing specific skills and strengthening their key areas. With our 50 comprehensive lesson plans, teachers will be able to:

Support students’ emotional development by enabling students to identify their emotions and helping them understand how they affect their behavior.

Help develop communication skills using the included AAC communication system cards and flashcards.

Support balanced development through activities and methods adapted to their individual needs, abilities, and limitations.

Increase focus and engagement thanks to the interdisciplinary Photon robot and engaging exercises that activate the left and right brain hemispheres.


Sample activity: A Journey To The Land Of Anger, Sorrow, And Joy

At the start of the lesson, the teacher tells the students that they are going on a journey to the lands of different emotions with the Photon Robot as their guide. The pupils line up behind the robot while the teacher prepares the robot’s route in the Photon app. As soon as the robot starts its pre-programmed journey, the children line up behind it. When the robot stops, it makes a sound that expresses a certain emotion. The children must guess the emotion and the “Land of Emotions” they are visiting. Once they have guessed, they use gestures or role play to illustrate how the people of that particular land behave. They continue their journey, stopping in different lands and repeating the previous steps.

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All a teacher needs in one box

  • Photon Robot for Education
  • An educational mat (storytelling)
  • An educational mat (plain grid)
  • 50 lesson plans
  • Flashcards (5 sets)
    • Pictograms and Alternative Communication (AAC)
    • Emotions, Objects and Activities
    • Symbols Used in Our Application
    • Alphabet and Numbers
    • Directions, Shapes and Colors

Photon EDU – our dedicated app

The kit includes a dedicated Photon EDU app to facilitate the work of teachers. It allows teachers and children to control the robot and has several interfaces tailored to the age and skills of students.

  • photon-edu-app
  • photon-edu-app
  • ready-made-activities-in-photon-edu-app
  • photon-edu-app

The Photon EDU app main features:

• Access to ready-made programs that teachers can adapt to the group’s needs in a few simple steps; for example, the robot can divide students into groups or indicate a participant for your next exercise.

• Several programming interfaces allow you to work with older and younger preschoolers. You can also adapt the difficulty level of each exercise to the children’s abilities.

• Two account types – Educator and Student. Your account gives you access to all the app’s features, while the simplified Student’s account allows controlling the robot’s actions.

• Access to additional lesson scenarios and the Photon Robot Textbook.

Where to download the app?

Mobile devices

The Photon EDU app can be downloaded from the application store available on your devices, such as Google Play, App Store, Huawei AppGallery, or
Amazon Appstore.


The Photon EDU app is an integral part of the dedicated teachers’ app for computers, Photon Magic Bridge. You gain access to all the Photon learning tools by downloading it – everything is in one place on your computer. To download the Photon Magic Bridge program, click here.

Subject-matter experts

Renata Idzik

Renata is a preschool teacher, special educational needs teacher, and educational therapist fascinated with modern technologies and their use in preschool education. She is also a coach, advisor, author of training programs, and trainer in many projects, including nationwide projects such as “School for Innovators”. What’s more, she actively assists educational institutions in developing key competencies.

Agnieszka Setnikowska

Special educator and preschool teacher. She works at the Children’s Rehabilitation Center in Opole, where she implements new technologies in working with children with various disabilities. She holds many years of experience working with children with special educational needs at both the preschool and elementary school levels.

Małgorzata Rabenda

Math and computer science teacher, educational therapist, passionate coach, a keen enthusiast of new technologies, programming and robotics, and turquoise organizations. Initiator of many pedagogical innovations, author of articles and educational materials. Subject-matter expert for the Piztacja.tv and Lekcja Enter. She is a trainer in many educational projects in the field of ICT implementation, development of key competencies, and leadership.

Photon Special Education Kit

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